Vintage Zenith MK2606 Tube Phonograph Stereo

Mid Century Modern cabinet Zenith MK2606. Vintage 1962 with Danish styling. Tube console stereo with record player and AM/FM. All working. AM/FM is stereo. Lift the counter top to reveal the equipment in side. Interior features a compartment for vinyl LP storage. Comes with original pamphlet and 45 adapter. Sample this stereo in person at […]

2 Re-styled HED Cerwin Vega Speakers

Pair of free-standing Cerwin Vega speakers. Likely vintage 1970s or 1980s. Our regular customers may recognize this pair as our former in-house stereo speakers. If you recognize them, then you know they sound good! These work horses provided endless hours of music for shoppers in our 7,000sqft showroom. The Furnish Me Vintage team took these […]

Refinished Working Retro RCA Victor New Vista Console Stereo

Working vintage 1960s era RCA Victor New Vista solid state phonograph, AM/FM tuner stereo cabinet. Handsome, Danish style cabinet design. Note the Scandinavian inspired design of the legs — super sleek feature! This is one our favorite models here at FMV. This piece has everything we love about Mid Century Modern design. The cabinet has […]