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Flip Flap Expanding Lotus Danish Rosewood Table by Dyrlund

Mid Century Modern Dyrlund Rosewood Flip Flap Table

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Stunning heirloom quality mid-century modern Flip Flap Table by Dyrlund. Made in Denmark with luxurious rosewood table top and sleek chromed steel pedestal base. The table bears the original maker’s mark beneath the table top. What makes this table so special? Lets start with Dyrlund’s outstanding reputation for quality evident in the choice rosewood selected for the table top and genius expansion mechanics.

The flip flap table top starts as a 43.25″ circle. Expand the table by drawing out the circular extensions that unfold like magic! Once the leaves are unfolded, the table becomes a 59″ circle and can easily seat (8) people. The engineering of this table is nothing short of brilliant, solidifying the table as a favorite among furniture aficionados.

About Dyrlund:

At dyrlund they place great emphasis on skilled craftsmanship and experienced employees, who work in the old craftsmanship style. “Many of our products are made with precious woods and require expert hand finishing, so we have to be sure we have the right man for the job. Skilled cabinetmakers are the most valuable asset in our company.” explains Mr. Jørgensen. He is deeply involved in the design and production of all the series. “Our designs grow out of the workshop as prototypes – we work directly with the raw material, which gives you a real feel for the possibilities and lets you get straight to the business of making a functional piece of furniture. “Not surprisingly, Jørgensen is just as likely to be found in the factory working on details of a cabinet corner as in his offices, meeting with an important client.

Using only traditional Danish cabinet-making methods from start to finish is dyrlund’s policy. “We are especially proud of the oil finishes we use on our home furniture” says Jørgensen. Besides the beautiful appearance it gives the wood, the finish is also practical. Minor surface repairs, such as small scratches, can easily be repaired by the owner instead of having to call in an expert or taking the furniture to a workshop.

All our furniture is manufactured at our own factory in Denmark.

43 1/4" Diameter (59 1/8" expanded) x 28.5" High
Refinished table top. There is a factory blemish in the wood (see photos).

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