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Custom Made Colossal Mid-Century Modern Tambour Door Mahogany Console Stereo

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First, let’s talk about these awesome cabinets, then we’ll move on to the professionally restored, Original audio components and incredible sound. Please believe me when I say pictures don’t do these pieces justice. The mahogany (possibly Mindoro) shimmers and gleams with an almost indescribable Iridescence that looks like rivers of honey that form the ebbing and flowing grain. The tones and hues of the piece change depending on how the light hits, and where your eye catches it. You’ll see amber, ochre, honey, and umber.

We purchased this colossal console stereo and satellite cabinet combo from the original owners who had them custom made in the 1950’s. At 100″ long, this is one of the biggest pieces of MCM cabinetry we’ve ever offered. Although it looks similar to the works of Jens Risom and Arne Vodder, this is a custom, made 1 of 1 stereo cabinet. The base with its sculpted legs and spanner “stretcher” is reminiscent of pieces by Brown-Saltman, but there are many unique aspects to this piece that seem inspired by many designers of the period.

Solid mahogany tambour doors with hand carved pulls conceal the massive Electro-Voice speaker components on the left and two roll out shelves on the right that hide the turntable and extra storage. The piano hinged draw-bridge door in the center, drops down to reveal the Scott (solid state) amplifier and tuner. The two cabinet doors below, hinge out to the sides to access ample media storage. What makes this setup even more astounding is the satellite speaker cabinet, replete with woofer, mid, horn and crossovers. The corner wedge cabinet is a work of art, made all the more cooler with it’s shape and design. The makers intent was on creating the perfect environment for sound quality. The result is a masterpiece of function and form. This setup was designed for serious sound and storage. The exceptional length is the perfect dimension for your flat screen TV, making this the quintessential media cabinet. A true masterpiece mix of solid mahogany and mahogany veneer over plywood core. The construction, materials, fit and finish exhibit a quality seldom seen, even from respected makers and revered designers. Fully restored, with only very minor imperfections remaining.

About the components:
The original Gerard turntable, Scott amp and Scott Tuner were removed and fully serviced by a professional. After 12 years in this MCM business, this is the by far the biggest and best sounding console stereo we’ve ever seen or heard. The satellite speaker is tethered with a 25 foot cord that allows it to be placed in a remote corner of the room (or different room) if preferred. Each speaker component and layout in the large cabinet is mirrored in the satellite. In each cabinet is an Electro-Voice Alnico magnet 15 inch woofer, model 15W . First introduced in the mid 1950’s, this superlative bass driver was developed by E-V in cooperation with Paul Klipsch. These woofers were originally retailed at $130.00 which was huge money to spend on a single driver in the 1950’s. Still impressive today, the 15W is one of the most desirable bass drivers from the “Golden Age of HiFi” and is highly sought-after by audiophiles. The first thing you’ll notice is the massive size of the 15W. Featuring a five+ pound Alnico V magnet slug contained in a 22 lb. pot, the overall weight of this massive driver is around 35 lbs. By far, it’s the heaviest woofer we’ve ever had.

The following refurbishment was performed on the HH Scott 299t
— All filter capacitors were removed and replaced with modern equivalents
— All paper capacitors (coupling) were replaced with modern equivalents
— All transistor sockets were cleaned
— All transistors were removed tested and replaced
— All controls were cleaned and lubricated
— Speaker wiring from main cabinet to remote speaker was replaced and connectors added.
— Brilliance and Presence control were lubricated and cleaned

The following refurbishment was performed on the Garrard Model RC 98:
— The turntable was disassembled, all old grease was removed and lubricated to factory specs
— The drive motor was cleaned and lubricated
— Drive idler wheel was cleaned and treated with rubber cleaner
— Tracking force was set to 4 grams
— The bed plate was cleaned and polished
— Record size detector arm was repaired.

More pics are available, 1st Dibs only allows 20 photos.

Mahogany console stereo cabinet
99.75” Long x 25 7/8” Deep x 35” High

Mahogany satellite speaker cabinet
36” Wide x 26.5” Deep x 35” High.

99.75” Long x 25 7/8” Deep x 35” High
Refinished cabinet. Stereo components all restored. See description for details.

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