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Vintage 1960s Bogen Tube Amp Console Stereo with Dry Bar Hutch

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Exceptionally rare, restored, Mid-Century Modern 2-piece console stereo with record player and bar.

Frank, Dean and Sammy called. They want their stereo bar back.

First, let’s talk about these awesome cabinets, then we’ll move on to the professionally restored, original audio components and incredible sound. Please believe me when I say pictures don’t do this justice. The aged walnut has accrued a rich, tawny patina. Cabinet doors are accented with hand-carved sabre style rosewood pulls. Solid walnut, bi-fold hinged doors on the upper bookcase cabinet conceal both the Bogen RP-230 Tube Amp and the Gerrard Turntable. Both original and completely restored to excellent working condition. The piano hinged draw-bridge door in the bottom center cabinet, drops down to reveal ample record storage with metal dividers. Flanked on either side are insulated speaker cabinets with their original Aktron coaxial speakers. The exceptional length of the bottom credenza is the perfect dimension for your flat-screen TV, should you decide to display the hutch / bar elsewhere

What makes this setup even more astounding is the additional, lighted dry bar. Pull the handle and watch the glass shelf hinge out autonomously. Replete with a full set of original bar-ware. Every glass, plus the shaker occupies each of the felted, recessed inserts. The interior cabinet is finished with both a mirrored backsplash and a section of frosted glass to diffuse the light fixture. The bar door transforms into a gleaming white laminate shelf, ideal for keeping spills from causing damage.

The makers intent was on creating the perfect environment for sound quality and stylish entertainment. The result is a masterpiece of function and form. This setup was designed for serious playboys and playgirls. A true masterpiece mix of solid walnut and walnut veneer over hardwood. The construction, materials, fit and finish exhibit a quality seldom seen, even from respected makers and revered designers. Fully restored, with only very minor imperfections remaining.

About the components:
The original Gerard turntable and Bogen tube amp were removed and fully serviced by a professional.

The following refurbishment was performed on the Bogen RP-230:
— All filter capacitors were removed and replaced with modern equivalents
— All paper capacitors (coupling) were replaced with modern equivalents
— All tube sockets were cleaned
— All tubes were removed tested and replaced
— All controls were cleaned and lubricated
— Speaker wiring from main cabinet to remote speaker was replaced and connectors added.
— Controls were lubricated and cleaned

The following refurbishment was performed on the Garrard Model AT6:
— The turntable was disassembled, all old grease was removed and lubricated to factory specs
— The drive motor was cleaned and lubricated
— Drive idler wheel was cleaned and treated with rubber cleaner
— Tracking force was set to 4 grams
— The bed plate was cleaned and polished

More pics are available, 1st Dibs only allows 20 photos.

2 piece record cabinet hutch:
Measures: Top 53” Wide x 15” Deep x 38” High
White shelf depth 13” x 35 3/8” Wide
Glasses shelf 9.25” deep x 33” Wide x 9.25” High
Bottom 72” Long x 16” Deep x 24.75” High
62 7/8” total height.

72” Long x 16” Deep x 63" High
Wood cabinets refinished and electric components serviced. Bar area has been detailed. New speaker cloth.

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