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Abstract Expressionist Oil Pastel Drawing in Sky Blue Pink and White


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Sublime oil pastel drawing rendered in soft blue and blush pink hues. Abstract Expressionist pieces often emote an angsty, explosive feel. This piece is quite the opposite. For once, we have an expressionist piece that actually evokes… peace. The composition features a deeper hue blue at bottom that fades to an ethereally light blue to white as the image ascends the frame. It’s as if the artist is capturing the activity within a cloud as droplets of moisture, heat, and cool collide to create magic in the sky. The artist takes the viewer on a journey into an ethereal realm. The drawing captures a bit of wonder. It’s the pictorial representation of what we imagine what that cloud might be. That moment when we ponder where it’s going, and if may be so kind to grace us with shade or a few vital drops of rain. The drawing is on paper, top mounted to a white matte, housed in a chrome frame.

36” 1/8 Wide x 32” 1/8 High
No glass or acrylic panel covering art.

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