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Restored Pair of Mid-Century Modern White George Mulhauser Mr. Chairs with Ottomans


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Pair of stunning Mid-Century Modern white lounge chairs with ottomans designed in the manner of George Mulhauser’s “Mr. Chair”. The chic white tufted upholstery is absolutely exquisite. Their walnut wood shells are the perfect compliment to the luxuriously tailored upholstery. Cool, casual, and comfortable in their skin. Anywhere they go, is exactly where they’re supposed to be. If these chairs became sentient, they would ask for a highball and a cigarette.

What you’re looking at are two, early, very similar chairs. They were procured from the same estate, but are most certainly from different production runs a year or two apart. Both chairs and ottomans swivel on 5-star metal bases and share similar dimensions. Each chair rocks back and returns to upright against the tension of a metal coil spring. The differences are as follows.

Chair “A”
— Upholstered in tufted white naugahyde
— Back cushion is locked in with welting
— Metal bases are painted brown along sides
— Slightly more height on chair and ottoman stems
— Two-position, double-buttons on headrest straps

Chair “B”
— Upholstered in tufted white vinyl
— Back cushion is screwed in (has piping but not locked in by welt)
— Metal bases are painted black along sides
— Single-button, single-position on headrest straps

We’re certain you won’t find a more spectacular set of original, white, Mid-Century lounge chairs. Our in-house restoration team did a complete tear-down and rebuild to ensure every inch was inspected and delicately restored. A few loose buttons were retied and the fabric was completely rejuvenated to gleaming bright white using our proprietary techniques. Although the wood backs and under-arms were already in good condition, we went the extra distance to make sure every scratch was mitigated. 5 coats of hand buffed finish were applied to the walnut and new feet were attached on bases to finalize the restoration.

Chair (A) 38.5” Wide x 38” Deep x 39.5” High (14.5” seat height)
Ottoman (A) 25.25” Wide x 19.25” Deep x 13.25” High

Restored with refinished wood, reconditioned upholstery, new feet on chairs and ottomans. Some minor flaws may remain.

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