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Sublime Expressionist Blue White and Teal Village Painting with Boat 1972


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Incredible texture is achieved in this vintage 1972 original, signed painting. The image depicts and ethereal scene along a shoreline. A solitary figure, presumably female, stands gazing at a group of humble homes. Dressed in white with her head shrouded, she stands holding a basket while she looks quietly ahead. One wonders what she is thinking. Is she gazing with a sense of longing? Is she coming or going? She doesn’t seem to be poised for action, rather contemplating her next move.

The village seems semi-rural. Power lines are the only indications of modernity. If not for the power lines, the audience could easily assume that this moment was captured in a much earlier age. The location is similarly obscure. Instead of focusing on the time or place, we are left to ruminate on the circumstances.

The mysterious woman appears to be at a crossroads. Standing frozen deep within her thoughts, feeling alone in her cause, deciding which way to go. On one side, homes represent a place of comfort. Behind her, water leads to the unknown. The painting seems to be influenced by the Expressionist movement of the late 19th Century. A time when folks were adapting from rural to urban / agrarian to industrial life. The abrupt shift resulted in social anxiety, famously captured in Edvard Munch’s “The Scream.” This painting evokes a similar sense of anxiety, albeit more subtle.

The image is housed in a beautiful wood frame with metallic trim. The frame is additionally embellished with a dentil pattern. A black recessed space exists between the frame and matte. Another metallic silver matte glitters against the brooding tones of the painting. There is quite a bit dimension in the framing itself. The sublime painting is rendered is broad fields of color with a brilliant teal, powder blue, and white sky. The darker side of the sky ranges from navy blue, to midnight blue and near black. Earthy browns, mossy greens form the bridge and grasses in the mid-section. The dark water is highlighted by reflections of adjacent foliage.

29.5” Wide x 1.5” Deep x 25.5” High

The painting shows no notable damage. The frame has little repairs at each corner (see photos)
29.5” Wide x 1.5” Deep x 25.5” High

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