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Weathered Whelk Conch Shell and Air Plant Living Sculpture


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This incredible “living sculpture” was handcrafted by artist, Jackie W. Created from a naturally harvested weathered whelk shell, impaled with a 12” nail tooled to the point of hazard. Nested within the shell are a series of air plants among a bed of moss. This conch-like seashell has become a vessel for terrestrial life, reminding us of that vital bond between all living things and water. The handcrafted living sculpture rests on a sapele wood base.

Jackie W. is a classically trained artist hailing from New York. Recent sculptural work has centered on the mystery of life, and it’s genesis. The artist concedes that the secrets of life may forever remain enigmatic. However, her work draws us closer into our relationship with nature and our place within the circle of life. This piece was created in spring of 2021. The air plant in this living sculpture is… the owner must water the air plant.

*** This piece may look different when it arrives to you because the plant is living and evolving with time***

This piece was hand made from a whelk shell sourced from Florida’s Gulf Coast, steel rod, moss and sapele wood. The shell shows signs of organic wear. The lines and pitting you see on it’s surface was actually caused by smaller sea snails feeding on the discarded whelk shell. The artist specifically chooses battered shells like this to illustrate the symbiotic dynamic between creatures, their neighbors, and the environment.

Total dims: 4” Wide x 3.5” Deep x 12.5” High
Shell: 4” Wide shell x 7.25” high shell x 3.5” deep shell
Base: 4” x Long x 2.75” Wide (base)

4” Wide x 3.5” Deep x 12.5” High
New handcrafted sculpture

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